Unified Communications. What’s all the fuss about?

Gone are the days of your typical on-site business phone systems.
With more and more businesses looking for a solution that provides greater flexibility and collaboration for their staff, the shift to a cloud-based phone system is providing opportunity to do more with less.

Unified Communications seamlessly integrates typical business processes with real-time communication across multiple devices. It allows your business and staff to communicate with customers more efficiently delivering better customer engagement.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider moving to a Unified Communications System:

    One of the most appealing benefits of implementing Unified Communication is taking advantage of the cost savings it provides. UC is available as-a-service so there is little capital outlay and the whole service is delivered over the internet via a service provider. No more upfront costs for expensive hardware. This gives your business flexibility and helps with cash flow as the service becomes opex cost rather than capex cost. Pay for only what your business needs with the option of unlimited call plans.
    The traditional phone conversation is between two people. The participants talk. They exchange information. This information is then passed onto co-workers, employees and other members in the business. This dilutes the information and wastes time. UC is all about offering more than just a voice at the other end of the line. Work phones need more functionality. UC provides the workplace with the functionality for video conferences, mass recipient messaging and the ability to send and interact with documents in real-time.
    With technology evolving every year its becoming harder for businesses to keep their communications up-to-date. With your phone system cloud based you ensure that your service never becomes “outdated”. UC services ensure you get all the latest features and provide your business with the latest advancements of technology without the need to lift a finger.
    Unified communication delivered from the cloud as-a-service is an out-sourced service and only requires a stable internet connection. Any business can set up cloud based communications on any smart device. And as almost all businesses are set up with some form of computer infrastructure, it doesn’t take much to integrate cloud communications.
    Unified Communications can provide employees with a more flexible work environment. Teams can keep in contact around the world over multiple devices. This gives employees access to the same features that they would have in the office while they are in the field. Employees can even bring their own device allowing the business to save money on company bought devices.

A business that runs more efficiently will ultimately make more money. These innovative communication platforms are driving productivity and giving more employees an unprecedented ability to exchange ideas. They will surpass traditional telephone technologies and some would argue they already have.

Find out more. Click here, to see how Unified Communications can make a difference to your business.

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