How Unified Communications is changing the way Real Estate agents connect with their clients

With its competitive nature, it’s only natural more and more Real Estate offices are looking for ways to deliver a service that makes them stand out in today’s market.

Unified Communications is designed with the communication capabilities needed to sell more and deliver a personal service that builds customer loyalty and retention.

Many of our Real Estate clients come to us looking for strategies to reduce their IT costs.
By streamlining their communications – swapping out their clunky on-site phone system with a cloud-based system, it can lower expensive overheads without sacrificing their internal IT infrastructure.

What makes it more appealing to our clients, it can be managed and supported by us – their IT company instead of a third-party phone provider.

Stay connected anywhere. Unified Communications simplifies the way all calls, voice messages and emails are delivered. Agents need constant phone access to buyers, sellers and office staff – no matter where they are. Instead of calls being forwarded to a ‘dead-end’ voicemail, incoming calls ring simultaneously on an agent’s physical handset, desktop app or mobile app giving them the ability to answer a call anywhere without the need for expensive calls diversions – minimising hold times and the need for callbacks.

No upfront costs on expensive hardware and infrastructure. Unified Communications removes the need of a physical phone system in the office – meaning no upfront costs on expensive hardware and no ongoing costs for maintenance. The risk of failure is also minimised with UC delivered through the cloud, only a stable internet connection is required.

Easily manage communication systems. We know our real estate clients have better things to do then administrate a communication system – particularly if they have more than one office. With UC, the entire communication system can be managed from one location via a single internet connection. Streamlining the process of managing multiple offices as well as reducing the headache of adding or removing employees, changing systems and voicemail and moving employees from one office to another.

Unified Communications is designed for the kind of any time, anywhere communications that keep real estate agents ready for the next sale.

For more information on Zeara’s Unified Communications services, contact us on 1300 248 766.

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