Cloud telephony, what’s all the fuss about?

Simply put, Cloud telephony refers to voice services and more specifically the replacement of conventional business telephone equipment, such as a Private branch exchange (PBX), with a third-party VoIP service. Cloud telephony provides business of all sizes with a simple pay-as-you-grow model for all their business telephone calling needs. Cloud telephony customers enjoy an all-in-one communication solution that provides services such as voice calling, video calling, one number reach, auto attendants, interactive voice response, social collaboration and many more features for a single monthly price.

Wondering how it actually works? Basically, internet telephony service providers (ITSPs) build, maintain and manage the entire communications infrastructure in the Cloud while business telephones, smartphones, tablets and computers let users access these services from wherever they are located.

From our point of view there are more reasons to move to Cloud telephony than not to for optimal business growth and professionalism. Businesses no longer need to manage equipment and can focus on driving business forward. It is also a more flexible way to scale the needs of your workforce as well as being extremely cost-effective, a low flat fee will bring you the very latest in communication and collaboration. Being easy to integrate, use and manage increases its appeal as well as being feature-rich, highly reliable and highly available.

A snap-shot of key features:

  • Lower upfront and ongoing costs – no need for your business to purchase costly equipment or upgrades
  • Maintenance is the hosted provider’s responsibility – hassle free communications & lower IT costs
  • Cost control for travelling staff and telecommuters – drastically simplify the telecommunications system and reduce the costs involved with employees who travel or work remotely

Businesses who will typically see the benefits are:

  • Those with many locations and remote individuals
  • Growing companies that need to cost-effectively scale their communications
  • Innovative businesses needing new forms of communications such as video, content sharing and virtual meeting rooms
  • Cost-conscious companies looking to save money on up-front capital expenses, companies with strained IT organisations looking to focus on their core business

We are pretty excited by the prospect of what Cloud telephony will offer our customers here in Australia & New Zealand.

As a Managed IT Services provider, Zeara goes far beyond just keeping the lights on. We work closely with organizations to understand their unique challenges and implement people-first solutions that will enable you to grow.


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