How you can get the most out of Skype For Business

We all now realise that connecting with colleagues and clients remotely via instant chat and video calling is where it is at. If you are not already on board with this, jump on! Your businesses success depends on it in this highly digital world.

Skype For Business is such a user friendly tool to collaborate with and share ideas, files, presentations and more. Instant chat with Skype For Business means you can get answers instantly just like the person was right there in the office with you. Most of all in this day of working from many different locations with people all over the city or even world, it is more important than ever to stay connected and what better way than face to face video calling with Skype For Business. Calls can be made from anywhere on any device, even in your pjs if working in a home office! Although we recommend keeping a professional look on top even if you are wearing your Ugg boots, no one is any the wiser.

Skype For Business video calling is ideal for up to 25 callers, which for most businesses is plenty. For internal use within your business for colleagues you can set up separate groups to keep chats relevant. For example, create a conversation, add members and title it ‘New Marketing Campaign’ so that it is easy to connect with this work group when necessary and you are not reaching out to people not involved.

Keeping meetings on video calling sleek, efficient and flowing is key to its success. Here are a few of our top tips:

Be organised –

Send out any agenda’s, relevant files or guidelines for the call beforehand. You can do this in a group chat window and just drag and drop the necessary files in. Guidelines to help with the success of the call might include, asking that participants be ready a couple of minutes prior, that they are in a quiet space with limited or no background noise, that they use the mute option when not speaking, have a good quality internet connection and a decent microphone and camera. It is also worth asking for people to set their statuses to Do Not Disturb so they are not distracted with other incoming calls and messages.

Keep it ‘life like’ –

Although you are not all physically in the same room it can be beneficial to spend a minute with a pleasant welcome and asking each person to introduce themselves if not known to each other. Having a more personal approach can set the tone for the meeting and allow participants to feel relaxed and therefore more inclined to share ideas and join in on discussions.

Wrapping it up –

Ensure everyone knows what is happening next. What the expectations and follow ups are, all file sharing is complete and if known announce the date for the next video call if there is one. A brief rundown on what was discussed is a good idea, as well as asking participants to make comments in the group chat at the conclusion of the call to provide feedback on what they felt worked and what didn’t with the video call meeting.

We believe in this connected world that Skype For Business will be the future for unified business communications.



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