Cloud Desktop

The freedom to work anywhere

Cloud Desktop technology is part of the cloud computing revolution, it enables you to access your windows desktop, email and all your business apps via the internet so you can work from anywhere on any device.

Why choose Cloud Desktop?

A cloud desktop looks and acts like a traditional computer desktop. But instead of being hosted locally, all the software and data are hosted remotely.  The advantages of a cloud desktop include:


  • Access your applications, files, and desktop, from virtually anywhere, on any Windows, Apple, or Android device (smart phone, tablet, or laptop)
  • Extend secure access to managed Microsoft Office with your Line-of-Business applications to all employees across the organisation
  • Deliver a consistent user experience and desktop profile for every employee
  • Provide employees with the latest versions of Microsoft Exchange email and other productivity apps


  • Avoid costly business disruptions as employees can always access their desktops and key LOB applications anywhere there’s Internet connectivity
  • All applications, desktops, data, and files are backed up off-site in the event of unforeseen disasters such as theft, device damage, flood, fire or other extreme weather


  • Outsource desktop support and maintenance so you can focus on strategic IT initiatives
  • Easily scale up and down to meet fluctuating employment trends
  • Shift your traditional capital expense IT model to a monthly pay-as-you go operating expense model
  • Quickly deploy and update new applications and desktops to your users


  • Provide access to any application from our secure, fully-managed datacenter environment
  • Data centrally resides in a secure cloud environment and can be controlled with your existing security policies
  • Ability to meet stringent compliance requirements, including industries such as healthcare, legal, and financial services

cloud-hosted desktop is so easy

Cloud desktop works like your normal desktop. But instead of being hosted on your local hardware, all the software and data is housed in Zeara’s secure, state-of-the-art Australian data centre. 

You can connect to your cloud desktop from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Browse to the cloud login portal:
  2. Type in your username and password
  3. Select your cloud desktop
  4. Start working, printing, browsing and using your applications

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