Enterprise Hosted Applications

Applications Delivered from the cloud

As an Australian leading provider of enterprise hosted applications, Zeara has your growing business needs as a priority. Hosting a variety of applications including Accounting and Financial packages, Client Relationship Management and bespoke applications, Zeara provides professional service industries with the edge to work remotely, whilst removing the need for onsite servers and IT staff, significantly reducing costs and improving staff productivity.

All applications hosted on our platform are easily deployed, allowing you to simply add or remove applications according to your evolving business requirements. Virtual applications ensure that every user is running the latest versions of software, minimising any potential discrepancy.

A Cloud application can be customised to suit your specific needs, whether you want to moderate finances, keep track of events or manage customer communications. Our Cloud application platform can help your business synchronise, manage and automate internal processes across all departments, whilst also facilitating universal collaboration.

Business Benefits

  • Cost efficiency: only pay for what you use no hardware required.
  • Reduction of maintenance requirements: our expert team manages all software updates and patching.
  • Flexibility and scalability of resources: freedom to scale up or down with staffing changes.
  • Off-site backup of critical data: all your data is backed up, managed by experts & stored in our secure data centre.
  • Employee mobility anywhere, anytime: applications delivered from the cloud can be accessed anywhere from any device.
  • Freedom to focus on core business: let us take the stress out of your IT, so you can concentrate on what matters in growing your business.

Contact Zeara

If you’d like to speak to us about our Australian Private Cloud solutions or to discuss pricing, call us on 1300 248 766, or contact us.