Nutanix Default Cluster Credentials

Here is a list of default credentials for a Nutanix cluster: Default Cluster Credentials Interface Target Username Password Nutanix web console Nutanix Controller VM admin admin vSphere client ESXi host root nutanix/4u SSH client or console ESXi host root nutanix/4u SSH client or console KVM host root nutanix/4u SSH client Nutanix Controller VM nutanix nutanix/4u… read more.

We all now realise that connecting with colleagues and clients remotely via instant chat and video calling is where it is at. If you are not already on board with this, jump on! Your businesses success depends on it in this highly digital world. Skype For Business is such a user friendly tool to collaborate… read more.

The all new Microsoft Planner through Office 365

Have you heard about the new Microsoft product currently launching across the globe? It is a project management app similar to programs like Trello & Basecamp. Introducing Microsoft Planner, rolling out to customers over the next few weeks. Customers on Office 365 Enterprise E1-E5, Business Essentials, Premium and Education subscriptions plans will notice that the Planner… read more.


Cloud telephony, what’s all the fuss about?

Simply put, Cloud telephony refers to voice services and more specifically the replacement of conventional business telephone equipment, such as a Private branch exchange (PBX), with a third-party VoIP service. Cloud telephony provides business of all sizes with a simple pay-as-you-grow model for all their business telephone calling needs. Cloud telephony customers enjoy an all-in-one… read more.

So, what’s in a password?

Let’s talk about passwords! Do you feel like you have too many different passwords? Do you find it tricky to think of a password that will be easy for you to remember as well as being a safe choice? As more businesses move online or to the cloud the importance of having a strong password cannot… read more.

Gone are the days where our best work takes place only in the office setting. I know personally that I have many great ideas while I’m on a morning run or driving in the car. It is for this reason that so many employers are now looking to provide greater flexibility for their staff and… read more.

Mac users have until now been secure in the knowledge that Apple devices are unable to be infected with problematic ransomware viruses. Researchers from Palo Alto Networks told Reuters (business and financial news publication) on Sunday of Apple customers being targeted by hackers over the weekend. This is the first campaign against Macintosh computers using… read more.