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The smarter, simpler way to work

Remote Office technology has been rapidly improving, to the point that it is completely feasible to have a ‘Remote Office’ setup in almost all businesses.

What do we mean by ‘Remote Office’? We are talking about the technology that removes the shackles from the working environment, proliferation of reliable and cheap cloud technologies means we no longer must be in the office to be in the office.

But what are the benefits of this?

1. Improved customer experience – Per the consumer intelligence agency Walker, customer experience will become a more important selling point than just price or product by 2020.

2. Workforce performance Increase – If your workforce can work anywhere they can work more whilst at the same time improving their work / life balance. A happy worker is a good worker. Sometimes your workforce needs to be in the office to collaborate with other staff, sometimes they need to work in isolation to really focus down on a project and sometimes they will need to work with your customers in your customer’s offices. This is all possible with a ‘Remote Office’

3. Increased Revenue – The big one, all businesses exist at the end of the day to make money. Better customer experience and better workforce performance will lead to more money earned: if that isn’t enough, the ability to work anywhere will allow your business to respond more quickly to all your customer’s needs.

Working anywhere is no longer out of reach, it’s affordable and the benefits make it a worthwhile investment for any and all businesses.

Zeara’s Cloud Desktop technology is part of the cloud computing revolution, it enables staff to access their windows desktop, email and business apps via the internet so they can work from anywhere on any device.