Public vs Private Cloud Backup

When it comes to cloud backup of systems and data there are two main options available to you; Private Cloud Backup and Public Cloud Backup.

While both of these backup systems operate from some kind of cloud (i.e. internet based servers), it’s important that you understand the difference between these backup types and what this means for your business.

Public Cloud Backup

Public Cloud Backup services such as Microsoft’s Azure or Amazon Web Services are typically un-managed cloud storage solutions, you effectively pay as you go for a certain amount of cloud storage, it’s then up to you to backup to this storage and it’s also up to you to monitor the backups.

These kinds of solutions tend to be cheaper and easier to scale but don’t guarantee or monitor for successful backups.

Private Cloud Backup

Private Cloud Backup services are usually fully managed by a backup services company, you often have your own cloud server that you are backing up to.

Private Cloud Backup tends to be more expensive and slightly less flexible but you are paying for a company to monitor and ensure the quality of your backups.

Which one is for me? 

Obviously, there are different solutions here for different business requirements, remember that while Pubic Cloud Backups are cheaper, there is a certain risk that comes with them, you need to know what you are doing and you need to keep an eye on your backup setup.

Private Cloud Backups provide peace of mind, at a price. Public cloud backups are cheap, as the cost of peace of mind.

Zeara Private Cloud is powered by VMware and offers you a cost-effective, flexible way to manage your IT needs as your business grows. Private Cloud is a dedicated environment built to your requirements with the flexibility of a public cloud. We remove the complexity of managing this yourself and take care of all upgrades, patching, security and monitoring.

If your business is looking for a private cloud solution and provider, contact us today!