Digital Business Transformation

A recent “insights survey” carried out by Forbes has shown that the top priority for executives globally is digital transformation. In a nutshell, this means to make the most of new technologies to improve business processes and organisational performance.

A good place to focus on digital business transformation is communication; business to business as well as internal communication. Keeping up with communication technology changes can be complex but the benefits of being at the forefront of these changes is massively beneficial.

Just like how email replaced the once ubiquitous fax machine, various cloud communication options are if not yet replacing certainly augmenting the capabilities of email. On-Premises PBX phone systems (a setup where by you have a physical phone system and phones in the office) are on the way out, not to be replaced by a direct cloud competitor but by complete cloud based collaboration system.

No longer should we be making choices based on which phone system we want, or which email system has the features our company needs but we should be choosing what unified communications environment do we want to work in? We can now go to one single place for everything that we need;

  • A phone system that works wherever we are, in any office or on the road
  • Internal chat between employees and teams, in any office or on the road
  • Team collaboration locations, for shared documents, emails, chat, in any office or on the road.

This is the beauty of cloud based communication technologies, in any office or on the road.