Building an effective IT security function

Data theft is an ever-growing crime. Increasingly individuals and businesses are subject to identity fraud and sensitive data theft.

We live in an increasingly challenging security environment where:

1. Threats are more pervasive and dangerous than ever before
2. There is a fragmentation of security technology
3. It is difficult to use, deploy and manage/maintain antivirus solutions.

The potential risks of legal liability, loss of competitiveness, loss of reputation, bad PR, loss of availability of systems & networks means companies need to take these risks seriously and provide a level of protection for the business information assets.

As a company, you are legally liable for any loss of data whether accidental or malicious. You could be in a potential breach of client contracts or privacy laws, for which the fines can be hefty.

If you aren’t currently thinking about the risks of losing data as well as how you can be protecting yourself from data theft and loss you really should be, businesses of all sizes are falling victim on a regular basis to viruses and malware designed to steal or disrupt your access to your data.

You should be asking yourself these questions;

1. Can you protect your organisation against the risks of data theft, data loss or confidential data leakage?
2. Has someone in your company lost/misplaced their USB key, external drive, laptop?
3. What kind of content protection solutions do you have in place?

ITNews have released The Best Practice Guide to an effective IT security function. You can download the full report here.