Tech Tip: Citrix (Unknown client error 1110)

I was recently setting up a new Citrix deployment and ran into the error (Unknown client error 1110) when trying to launch a published desktop through a Netscaler VPX remotely. The published desktop was launching fine through Storefront internally just not through the Netscaler VPX.

From my experience that is usually caused by the Netscaler VPX not being able to get a secure ticket. What could stop me getting a secure ticket and how can I troubleshoot this?


  1. Check the firewall rules are allowing traffic over port 53 UDP between the Netscaler and the DNS server in my case a Windows Domain Controller. When you add a DNS server to a Netscaler it creates a default monitor, as you can see my Effective State is up. This rules out a firewall issue.dns-check
  2. Can I ping my Deliver Controller via host name in my case CTX1.lab1.local. This can be done from the GUI or via the command line. In the example below, I’ve tested via the GUI.

As you can see I can communicate with the Deliver Controller  via it’s hostname. So what else could be causing this issue? I would recommend checking the STA configuration in the Netscaler

Checking the STA configuration in the Netscaler 

Check the configuration under the Xenapp and Xendesktop menu


Then, check under the Storefront configuration


As you can see below, I’ve entered the Deliver Controller hostname incorrectly. The value should be http://ctx1.local1.local

typo       fixed

After I corrected that setting the published desktops would successfully launch.

Considering this a generic error of cause there can be other causes such SSL certificate issues – but in my experience very rare. It you still can’t launch you apps or desktops I would turn on Citrix receiver logging and search those logs.

How to Enable Logging on Citrix Receiver

I’m Matt Keleher the Technical Director here at Zeara, I specialise in Citrix & Vmware technology. I hope you found this article helpful. If you would like more technical support or advice, I am available at