Email Scam | Fake email targeting ASIC Customers

ASIC has issued a warning on scam emails currently targeting its Registry customers.

A fake email has been circulating pretending to be from ASIC asking its customers to pay fees and give personal information to renew their business or company name.

This is what the email looks like:


This email has been well put together so that is passes through initial spam filters. The email is titled ‘Renewal’ and informs customers that they need to renew their registration. The email is generic and does not contain your name or details of your company.

If you have received this email, please just delete the email. If you have clicked on the link in the email, please contact us ASAP. 

Scam emails often appear more during busy times of the year such as tax time and school holidays when they are more likely to be overlooked. Please be mindful of emails asking for your personal details that are not specifically address to you or your business.

If you would like to speak with us about security and protecting your business, please contact us on 1300 248 766 or email us at