Here we have put together a few reasons why a Cloud-Hosted Desktop might NOT be suitable for your organisation.

Budget conscious businesses may believe that moving to the Cloud will be too costly for them. This is understandable, though we would suggest speaking with us to discuss your needs as a business and you may in fact find that you will cut costs by saving on IT staff and constantly having to pay to upgrade, update or fix issues that arise. Once on the Cloud, your business will be more productive as will your staff. This improved productivity will also increase your businesses overall success.

Secondly, for some people there is a real fear of Cloud technology and a lack of understanding surrounding it. There are people that just cannot get their mindset into the world of Cloud and that is totally OK. We can help with this and are always happy to discuss this with you in more detail or run a small workshop for you and other relevant team members to give you more information on the subject.

Another reason would be if you have recently invested in new PC’s and servers this would not make practical sense to then go and purchase Cloud-Hosted Desktops as well. The Zeara Cloud-Hosted Desktop does not require brand new PC’s and there is no need for onsite servers.

The last reason why you may not be suited to a Cloud-Hosted Desktop set up is if your business has over 250 staff members. In this case it might be more cost effective to consider your own in-house VDI deployment. Still all the benefits of working from anywhere that a virtual desktop offers but instead you own and store the kit. Zeara can definitely still assist with designing and deploying a private hosted or an onsite virtual desktop infrastructure deployment.

We’ve said it before, there is no one size fits all Cloud solution. Talk to us about your business needs and we can help tailor a cloud package for you.