So, what’s in a password?

Let’s talk about passwords! Do you feel like you have too many different passwords? Do you find it tricky to think of a password that will be easy for you to remember as well as being a safe choice?

As more businesses move online or to the cloud the importance of having a strong password cannot be overlooked. At Zeara we are all about making your tech life simpler. Below are some tips for choosing a password to protect your data.

Our tips for the best password:

Has a minimum of 8 characters:
When it comes to passwords the longer the better.

Includes Capital Letters, Numbers, Symbols:
Using a mix of different characters makes it harder to crack.

Don’t use Obvious or Dictionary words:
Steer clear of using single words like ‘house’ or your child’s first name. Oh and do not use “password” as your password… don’t laugh we’ve seen this plenty of times before.

Use a random password generator:
The only problem is trying to remember these passwords – this won’t be a problem if you’re like Sheldon from ‘The Big Bang Theory’!

Creating a memorable password:
A good example of how to come up with a unique password is to think of a simple sentence like “The first house I lived in was 5 Cloud Street Vermont South”.  Then turn that sentence into a password by using the first letter of each word (including lower case and upper case letters), so it would look something like this TfhIliw5CSVS.

This is a seriously strong password at 12 digits. If it was a true random password it might contain more numbers and symbols and upper case letters all mixed up, but it’s not bad at all. Now you just need to remember this easy sentence and lock it into your memory bank!