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Tech Tip: How to create a public SSL certificate for Citrix Netscaler 11 and installing it correctly. Firstly, we’ll need to create an RSA private key. Log on to your Netscaler 11 appliance and navigate to SSL. Click Create RSA Kay Specify a file name, you’ll need to remember this for SSL install later. Enter… read more.


Rubrik now supports Nutanix Acropolis (AHV)

With Nutanix being rather new to the Hypervisor space, backup support from backup vendors has been rather thin on the ground – Commvault being the only choice. This has probably prevented a number of Nutanix customers from migrating their Vmware or Hyper-V environments across to AHV. Well, the playing field has finally expanded with Rubrik… read more.

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Tech Tip: Citrix (Unknown client error 1110)

I was recently setting up a new Citrix deployment and ran into the error (Unknown client error 1110) when trying to launch a published desktop through a Netscaler VPX remotely. The published desktop was launching fine through Storefront internally just not through the Netscaler VPX. From my experience that is usually caused by the Netscaler… read more.

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Email Scam | Fake email targeting ASIC Customers

ASIC has issued a warning on scam emails currently targeting its Registry customers. A fake email has been circulating pretending to be from ASIC asking its customers to pay fees and give personal information to renew their business or company name. This is what the email looks like: This email has been well put together… read more.


Gone are the days of your typical on-site business phone systems. With more and more businesses looking for a solution that provides greater flexibility and collaboration for their staff, the shift to a cloud-based phone system is providing opportunity to do more with less. Unified Communications seamlessly integrates typical business processes with real-time communication across… read more.


Office 365 Yammer, your company social network

Are you looking for a simple yet sophisticated way to communicate within your company? Enter Yammer. At Zeara we are already big fans of Microsoft Office 365 but now we are crazy about Yammer too! It comes with your Office 365 and is a tool that we believe many businesses will benefit from using. See… read more.


Microsoft Outlook Quick Tip

Do you find that you are being constantly distracted by new email notifications popping up on your screen? Experts say that our brains simply cannot effectively focus on two things at once and these notifications can be breaking our train of thought and work flow too many times throughout the working day. I’ve had 5… read more.


Here we have put together a few reasons why a Cloud-Hosted Desktop might NOT be suitable for your organisation. Budget conscious businesses may believe that moving to the Cloud will be too costly for them. This is understandable, though we would suggest speaking with us to discuss your needs as a business and you may… read more.


Nutanix Default Cluster Credentials

Here is a list of default credentials for a Nutanix cluster: Default Cluster Credentials Interface Target Username Password Nutanix web console Nutanix Controller VM admin admin vSphere client ESXi host root nutanix/4u SSH client or console ESXi host root nutanix/4u SSH client or console KVM host root nutanix/4u SSH client Nutanix Controller VM nutanix nutanix/4u… read more.