Latest News
  • Queensland based Aspire Property Group sign up for Zcloud Hosted Apps
    1st Jun 2014
  • Melbourne based accounting firm commits to move to the cloud #success #winning
    1st May 2014
  • Madeco makes the switch to the cloud with Zcloud hosted apps.
    8th Apr 2014
  • Zeara welcomes the teams at Hocking Stuart Melton and Hocking Stuart Werribee
    4th Apr 2014
  • Greg Hocking Group move 3 offices and over 35 staff to Zcloud Hosted Desktops
    12th Feb 2014

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Who We Are


Matt is Zeara’s technical guru who heads up our research and development team.
He’s an ideas man, master Googler with 11+ years of technical experience and know how.


Daniel has always had a passion for helping people find the right solutions. He started out in 2004 with limited technical knowledge, and has since built Zeara into a market leading and effective Cloud service provider.

At Zeara, we have one simple goal: to help our clients find the right technology for their business. For the past five years, we’ve help clients securely access their hosted desktops and applications remotely, on any device, through cloud computing. We’re passionate about cloud computing and our clients trust us 100%.

Our Mission: Demonstrate the value and simplicity of hosted desktop. Providing our customers access to world-class technology backed by industry leading cloud providers.

We are Australian owned and all data resides in Australian Data Centres.

Our Partners

Success Stories

  • Greg Hocking - Zeara

    Greg Hocking Group

    The Greg Hocking Group is a respected Melbourne real estate company that’s quickly expanding and adding new franchise offices all the time.

    The problems

    • Property Management software only accessible within the office
    • Updates of software required every two months on every computer
    • Existing server reaching capacity
    • New branch office opening that required access to software
    The Solution 
    We hosted the application on Zcloud Apps that let property managers access software from home and while performing routine inspections. It also allowed the new branch office to access all the software from a single central point. As the database grows Zeara can scale up capacity as required, and with daily backups the client can be confident about reducing the risk of data loss.
    Zeara currently provides - Zcloud Hosted Apps
  • NAR

    Pairing extensive global experience with industry insight, N.A.R helps youth-focused brands reach their potential in the Australian and regional markets.

    The problems

    • Accounting and Stock inventory software not accessible remotely
    • Third Party Applications not compatible with Apple Mac environment
    • Backup was only located in house
    • Mobile work force requiring access via Ipad and Iphone
    The Solution 
    We hosted the application and provided a Zcloud Hosted Desktop as the platform to access the apps, as well as the standard Microsoft Office suite. The system is now fully compatible with the Apple mac environment and any mobile devices. Zeara can scale up capacity as required, and with daily file backups the client can be confident about reducing the risk of data loss.
    Zeara currently provides - Zcloud Hosted Desktop